WNST publishes 2020-21 review of the year

The publication of an annual review is always an excellent time to look back and reflect on activities and achievements from the past twelve months.

For WNST, this has been very difficult this time round.  With the covid-19 pandemic effectively closing Wembley Stadium to visitors and spectators, the Trust has had no new income to distribute in grants.  So, the trustees had to take the decision to mothball the charity until such time as funds started flowing again.

This year’s annual review is therefore more an account of how groups have got through the pandemic and faced up to the challenges of adapting to ever-changing circumstances and in many cases, working with clients who were very cautious on getting back into social networks, even when allowed to do so.  Grateful thanks go to the organisations featured for telling their stories.

You can find a copy of the review here

WNST Annual Review 2020-21