Grants and funding

WNST makes grants to clubs and other organisations to improve the range and quality of sporting opportunities available to people in LB Brent and, through commissioned programmes, to groups across London and further afield around the country to increase sporting opportunities.


What we offer

We have customarily made grants available in LB Brent twice each year. On each occasion there is about a one month “window” during which you can submit your application. Please ensure you send us all the information we require, otherwise your application might be rejected.

If you are looking to apply for a strategic award, you should contact the Trust’s office to get our agreement to apply – NOTE this does not mean you will receive funding, it simply confirms your eligibility to apply.

We do not automatically contact every applicant during the assessment process but you will receive an email acknowledgement when you submit application.

All decisions are made by the WNST trustees, at a meeting usually several weeks after the application “window” has closed. Each request is carefully considered on its own merits; but we are always over-subscribed and can only fund those applications that most closely meet the published criteria of each grants round.

If you are unsure about anything, please do contact the office for advice.


How to Apply

Details of our programmes and how to apply for these can be found here.


Key dates

Our LB Brent grant funding programme is currently closed.

Further information and guidance

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions or Useful Links.