Covid-19 Position Statement

It goes without saying that we at WNST hope that everyone in the Brent local community, as well as those connected with projects we are funding both across London and further afield around the country, will follow the best medical advice to keep themselves safe and well, as well as taking care of their loved ones at home and their service users and colleagues at work.


However, in line with many other charitable funders in London, we recognise that in these unprecedented times, there will be some real concerns within local organisations about the delivery of their services and the welfare of those they work with and for. The cross-sectoral membership body, London Funders, of which WNST is a member, has agreed a joint statement from the funding community – a copy of which can be found here . WNST is a signatory to this.


In essence, we are committed to being as flexible as we can over the coming months in our dealings with organisations in receipt of a grant from us. We understand that almost all community activities and gatherings will be suspended for an indefinite period and that as a result, groups will be unable to deliver the services for which they are being funded. It may be though that staff are able to support some of their older or more vulnerable clients in a different way rather than gathering all together in one location. We know that the sector is adaptive and resourceful in working out how best we can all help those who need assistance.


As time progresses, we will continue to review our response to help support the local sports sector in Brent. We know that the loss of sports and activity sessions for a prolonged period will have a significant effect upon people’s physical and mental well-being. Of course, we would encourage everyone to do what they can within their own homes and local environment to stay fit and well during any period of self-isolation or the more general closure of services. But there will then come a time when we have to help organisations get up and running again.


For the time being, the WNST team are all working from home but can be contacted through all the usual channels (email or ; phone 020 7332 1055). We will endeavour to do whatever we can to support you, your staff and service users.


Stay safe and stay well.