Coronavirus Update : 9th July 2020

We continue to live in very difficult times. We know that Brent has been hit tremendously hard by coronavirus and we offer our sincere condolences to all those who have lost loved ones and friends over recent weeks and months.  Whilst lockdown is starting to ease and guidelines are being issued about how some sporting and physical activity can be started again, it will clearly be many months before things are back to normal, or whatever “normal” will look like.

Over the past months, we have been in touch with many of the clubs and groups we support and know how hard it has been for everyone. Your efforts to help those most in need within your communities have been truly inspiring.

We know that almost all of the activities which our grant funding would normally be supporting have been suspended.  That is no problem, and we would not expect you to start up again until it is completely safe to do so.

We can assure all grant holders who have not yet drawn down their funding, that their money is secure and will be held until you need it, whenever that might be.

Indeed, if you need to use any funds you have been awarded from us in a different way, to help you through this period, please get in touch.

However, our plans for the short-to-medium term are less clear.  Many of you will know that the Trust’s funding is derived from the income generated by Wembley Stadium – and currently there are no spectator events at any major sporting venue, not just Wembley.

This means that for a period of months (we don’t yet know how long), the Trust is unlikely to have any capacity to conduct our usual summer and winter grants rounds in LB Brent.

We are though still here if you need to talk to us via all the usual channels.

In particular, do please get in touch if your organisation is in financial crisis as a result of the covid-19 emergency.  Whilst we cannot promise a major bail-out programme, we cannot help if we don’t know.  Our staff are very experienced, with contacts across the sector, and we may be able offer some critical advice and guidance.

With thanks again for everything you are doing to support the communities in Brent.