A celebration of trustees

This week we have been celebrating #Trusteesweek2022 and everything that trustees contribute to their organisations.

At WNST, we have a board of nine trustees, who bring a whole range of skills and experience to our discussions and decision-making.  This diversity around the board table is so important, to ensure that we constantly challenge ourselves and consider different perspectives before reaching conclusions.

And diversity manifests itself in many different ways.  Some of our trustees have been with us for a number of years, others are relatively-newly appointed. Our board is split 50/50 male/female and 50/50 between people of colour and those of white heritage.  We have two trustees who are in their early-mid 20s, rising through the age bands to those in their early 60s.  Some of our board members are London-based, with several from within the Brent communities where we direct a lot of our funding; others live in locations across the country, bringing a different, regional perspective.  We also have trustees with personal experience of disability.

We know that not every protected characteristic is visible on our board, but we will always make every effort to ensure all voices are heard.  Our communities in Brent are diverse and vibrant, but we know that “If you cannot see it, you cannot be it”.  So, it is essential that our governance reflects this diversity.

In celebration of Trustees Week, I have been asking my board members why they volunteer and what drove them to become a trustee at WNST (and in some cases elsewhere, as well).

As our chair, Pete Ackerley said, “As we approach the end of Trustees week it has been amazing to see so many great  charities supported by amazing trustees all contributing to Make a Difference to so many people.”

This is what others told me:

Sports – and in particular the beautiful game – has the power to unite people of all backgrounds and communities transcending socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, and religious differences. I feel deeply honoured and privileged to be a trustee of the Wembley National Stadium Trust.  

I truly believe that sport has the power to transcend boundaries, positively transforming and changing lives. I am passionate about the use of sport for social good and improving the lives of our communities. Being a trustee of WNST allows me to turn my passion into something worthwhile and beneficial to others.

Being a Trustee is incredibly rewarding because while you are trying to help other people you also benefit back.   You can learn so much about how other organisations work but also bring your experience to it.  Being a trustee has given me such valuable experience and helped me make really strong connections

I joined WNST as I truly believe in the power of sport and the transformational effect it can have on people’s lives and society. Living in close proximity to Wembley Stadium it is great to see the positive impact WNST has had on our local Brent community.

I volunteer because I want to live in a world where there are no barriers to achieving what you aspire to achieve, to being who you want to be.

The thing I love most about being a WNST Trustee is learning about the selfless work of remarkable individuals and tight-knit local communities who use the power of grass-roots sport and physical activities to create lasting positive impact for people of all ages, health conditions and abilities. As a long-standing resident of Brent, which is amongst the 30% most deprived neighbourhoods in the country, I also take great pleasure in seeing the profound impact our grant-funding makes to this wonderfully diverse and multi-cultural London Borough.

Born and raised in Brent, I naturally have a strong affinity and tie to the community which built me.  This is where my sporting dreams were made, nurtured and realised.  The privilege of becoming a WNST trustee was a no-brainer.  In my role, I harness my influence as a sporting role model and my experience of Elite Sport to harness “The next generation of leaders from Brent”

So, we celebrate the contribution of trustees everywhere and publicly thank the WNST trustees for the time and wisdom they contribute to making our organisation the success it is.