T&Cs Brent Community Awards

WNST Community award – terms & conditions of grant

(The terms “we” and “our” refer to the organisation receiving the grant)

1. The grant is made only for the purposes as agreed by WNST and awards are based upon the information supplied in our application. We must request
WNST’s permission before implementing any variations. WNST reserves the right to claim back any grant or part of a grant which has not been used for the purposes agreed or where it is shown that information has been provided negligently, fraudulently or deceitfully. Any decision to claim back the grant or any part of the grant shall be at the sole discretion of WNST.
2. We must keep proper and up-to-date records and accounts that show how the grant is being used. WNST reserves the right to visit us at any reasonable time to inspect records or see activities being undertaken.
3. We will spend any grants for equipment purchase or other one-off
expenditure within six months of being awarded. We will submit a report on how the grant has been spent and what has been achieved six months after the award has been paid. WNST will send a form to complete for this purpose.
4. We will send WNST our annual accounts showing the grant within 10 months of the end of our financial year.
5. We must obtain the prior written consent of WNST before disposing of any capital equipment as repayment of all or part of any proceeds of the disposal or sale may be required in such circumstances. This will apply for a period of two years after the grant has been made.
6. We will abide by WNST standard brand and grant recognition guidance (circulated to grant recipients with offer letters and downloadable from the WNST web site).
This version July 2022
7. We must inform WNST of any underspend in a grant and any decision to claim back the grant in whole or part shall be at the sole discretion of the WNST.
8. Any grant is for the use of our organisation only and must not be given, or transferred, to any third party.
9. Any grant awarded cannot be used to pay for expenditure incurred or committed prior to the date of the grant notification letter.
10. We must notify WNST of any change in our organisational contact details, delivery of activities or any other matter relevant to the spend of the grant or
the activities towards which it contributes.

(July 2022)