Guidance on brand and grant recognition

At WNST, we are always pleased to work with our grant recipients to ensure that the messaging and recognition of the funding we award is both consistent and beneficial for all parties. These notes should help ensure this. If in doubt, please ask.

• All grants awarded by WNST should be acknowledged publicly.
• A logo for this purpose can be found here.
• A high-resolution version of the logo is available on request.
• The logo should be included on any materials or literature produced
directly as a result of our grant.
• The design, colour and dimensions of the logo must not be amended in
any way. It should always appear on a white background or in a white
rectangle, where background is coloured.
• Bespoke plaques or decals can be provided for capital projects or
equipment, to acknowledge our funding.
• Where larger scale promotional materials are to be produced
incorporating our name and/or logo, please get our sign off on your
design before production.
• The logo may be used for general promotional purposes.
• WNST and our logo should be included in any list of funders on your web
site, if there is one. These references any other general use should be removed no more than two years after any grant has ended (where it is practical to do so).
• The Trust’s funding should always be acknowledged in any press release about the work we are funding and, on request, we can provide wording for a supportive quote from the funder.
• You should always refer to your project as being “funded by the Wembley National Stadium Trust” not “supported by” or similar terms.
• The grant must be shown in your annual accounts and your annual review (if you produce one).

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